Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Zoo

The Zoo Was Fabulous!

It totally lived up to my expecatations except for a few slow walkers and too many heat complaints! We are in Houston, yeah, it's hot!

For some reason I remember it bigger, I'm glad its not, but crazy enough I kinda felt like "that's it"? I know Addison on the other hand was totally overwhelmed with every moment being filled with a new experience! We started off in the Aquarium, she was so excited staring into the glass as fish passed by! She screamed and ran in place to show her enthusiasm!

Next, it was onto the birds... not so cool... and the hooved animals... again not real exciting, but Addison pressed on intently, like she new there was something amazing ahead!

We got to the Childrens' Zoo which was probably the best part! They have a small water park Addison would have enjoyed if we had her bathing suit, and they have a petting zoo full of sheep. There is a little covered park area and other random animals in this part as well.

So, below is Addison checking out one of God's other beautiful creechers!

"How you doin'?"

They were both totally flirting with each other! Daddy didn't see it, thank goodness!

We were sure to see the elephants and giraffes. The monkeys were okay, but anything you have to try to find in a cage, loses our attention pretty quickly!

BTW- the gift shop is great too!!

We were all exhausted and ready for a nap by noon! Josh and I have decided to make this a yearly tradition!