Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter 2008

I know, I am a little behind with this post, seeing how Easter was a week ago, but I have been having these thoughts since before the Holiday, and have been waiting until I have enough time to write exactly what I want!

So this Easter was pretty neat! I had always dreamed of doing the Easter traditions with my own kids and how much fun it would be. Buying a basket and filling it with goodies, dressing the little one up, looking oh so precious and teaching her how to find eggs, put them in her basket and move on to the next! She was so funny to watch! Since Addi doesn't really like to walk in the grass, she would point to an egg, like she expected someone to go and pick it up for her! She didn't much care what was inside the egg (until she realized what was actually in there), she liked the fact that she could shake it and it would make a cool noise!

I had a realization myself this Easter! Not that every other Easter hasn't had significance in my life, b/c lets face it, I experience the need of Easter on a daily basis! The need for Christ's blood to cover my sins, my stupidness... Maybe realization is a bad way to put it... I was enlightened... Well anyways, I really understood the importance of Easter first hand. It is because of Jesus' death on the Cross that we celebrate this Holiday called Easter, it was because of His death on the Cross that I have any kind of HOPE- HOPE that my mom is in a much better place, HOPE that she is with Him now, HOPE that I get to see her again someday! And b/c of that HOPE, I have PEACE. This Amazing Grace that God has given us, this Sacrifice, has redeemed my mom!! Thank you Jesus! I have hope!


Ashlee Liddell said...

i love you.

thank you for this post...

tears of hope...

Minda Ciardi said...

Way too cute!

Now we just need to get Ashley and Laura to get a blog! (and to actually update it, of course!)

Olive Juice,

ber said...

I've always thought that hope and peace are the best things we can have on earth because they are independent of circumstances.

The reality of what Christ did for us always becomes so tangible for me at Easter. I hate that I have a harder time really understanding it at other times of the year.