Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Donut Hole Theif

This morning I decided to treat myself to donut holes! Yes, there is a Shipley's right next to Addison's school, and every day I pass by thinking "I'd like a donut, but maybe someone brought them to work today", and every day, there are never donuts waiting for me at work... so I was tired of getting my hopes up and being let down... that is why I treated myself today!

Upon arriving at work, I am greeted by our office cat. This happens pretty much on a daily basis, but today she wanted me to share what-ever was giving off that heavenly scent from within the paper bag. I sat down and shooed her away, but she wouldn't leave! She really thought I was going to share my donuts!

Leave it to this crazy kitty to get what she wants on her own! I went to go check the fax machine and when I got back, found her with her head and paw in the bag fishing out a donut hole. I was too late grabbing my camera and taking a picture of the kitty thief in action, but I sure did get one of her enjoying one of MY donut holes... Guess I will have to get a full donut next time- donut holes are the perfect size and weight for kitty-theifs that like donuts!


Lisa said...

I love it! That is *hilarious*!!

Lisa said...

I showed a coworker and now she wants donuts. She said so in the hall and now another one wants donuts. I bet some will show up tomorrow morning in our workroom. Yay- thanks Tami! :)

Ashlee Liddell said...

that is so funny. Good work on having your camera handy! You are really becoming a true blogger!