Monday, April 14, 2008

Defeated by a Frustrating Routine

Why does if feel that once you have accomplished something HUGE (something you can put a big fat check next to on your to-do list and never have to see it again), you are just waiting for the next big thing to come along and overtake your life again? This seems to be a common pattern in my life! I don't know if will ever end! I used to get excited when I completed a project- that overwhelming sense of accomplishment was something to really look forward to! But now, it doesn't come as often. This happened, or didn't happen after the official ending of a busy, productive 2 weeks. I was able to complete my personal and business taxes (if you saw my record-keeping system you would understand how big this is!) and my dad's taxes AND a board project for a builder I work for on the side. All while working my regular job and taking care of Addison while daddy was away. I guess spelling it out like I just did makes me feel a little better about it all! But for some reason, I am just ready for another project of some sort to consume my time and frustrate me all over again... How do I change this routine? I am open to suggestions!


Ashlee Liddell said...

I wonder if it is part of growing older? I realized this awhile ago, in the midst of some of my frustrations, that it felt like so often I was going weeks before I experienced a sense of "completion" in my life. Sadly, I don't have many suggestions.... I will say it is what I loved about making jewelry, perhaps the most, the fact that in five or ten minutes I could completely accomplish an entire project....what exhilaration!

Lisa said...

I had the very same reaction this weekend after a very hectic week. I felt like big projects were always going to come flying at me with no breaks. I've decided to try to simplify my life where I can. I don't see big things that I can simplify (like eliminating a bill or a job yet), but my small ways of simplifying have really helped. Like I decided to take a break from my to-do list of errands this week and resume it next week. And today I decided to wait a few extra days for a bank document to come in the mail instead of running to the bank to check on it over lunch. And- as blogged- I did say no to that big pressure-filled project at work. :)

ber said...

I'm fairly certain I am of absolutely no help here. :) I feel like my whole life is one giant project that won't be over for a very long time!