Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Growing Up

Addison seems to be doing new things on a daily basis! I like to think of her as being the smartest 15 month old ever! Her vocabulary is impressive and even her gibber-gabber is so matter-of-fact, I should completely understand what she is saying! She says the basics- mommy, daddy, ball... she says eye, nose, puppy, shoe, bow, pa, Ashlee, bird, belly button and of course, the word "no". That one is not so cute! It is so funny to see her personality coming out, except sometimes it seems she could be hitting those terrible 2's a little early! Yikes! She is so independent, doesn't like help, or to be told "No". Her favorite thing right now is to sit on the dishwasher (pulled down) and eat there or take out her spoons and bowl and stir the air! It makes it a little difficult to work around, but its just so darn cute! She has a Dora chair that her Abuelita and Papa Joe gave her when she was a new born. She now loves to sit in it and watch TV with mommy and daddy, and maybe sit and have a snack... she's so big!

It's crazy how fast they really do grow up! Josh and I would get annoyed when people told us that early on... we thought "yeah, yeah, the typical response from someone with kids of their own". Who knew that we would be that annoying couple telling others "They grow up so fast, I can still remember when..."


Lisa said...

What a great pic- she is getting so big! I didn't see her at coffee this weekend, so I think she really grew in the last two weeks combined! I think it's awesome that 'Ashlee' is on her list of words.

Ashlee Liddell said...

of course Ashlee is on her list of words...hello!?!?!?!?


I really have been missing Addi this week, so I am counting down the days until friday...

Also, I agree with Lisa that she looks SOOO grown up in that chair! What a great expression, so Addison!

And, her vocabulary is so impressive (not just the Ashlee part, but the quantity and deliberate way she communicates with gibberish as well...)


ber said...

I love how their personalities just seem to start asserting themselves after they turn 1. And Addi's a cutie, even if she is completely showing up Jared. :)